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ADEN - Malden - |ACE3|RHS|TFAR|

PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:59 pm
by Bishop
ADverse ENvironment - Malden
IP: Port: 2302

Community Based Addons Arma 3 (CBA_A3)
Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3)
ACEX Package
Red Hammer Studios US Armed Forces
Red Hammer Studios Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
-- OR --
Op4 Public Server #1 Mod Collection contains all mods needed

Armed forces from the Russian Federation have invaded and captured Malden, US Armed forces have secured a foothold on north-eastern Malden and established a FOB (FOB TRICKSTER). Objective is for US Forces to push all Russian Forces out of the Malden AO.

  • Dynamic front line, allows for assaulting any point along the line to push enemy forces back
  • Infantry Garrison/Patrols at every strong point (AO)
  • Armor/Vehicles in guard positions at every strong point
    • Armor Fortified (Heavy armor in guard positions with motorized vehicles in support)
    • Motorized Fortified (APC/IFVs in guard positions)
  • Static Weapon emplacements at every strong point
  • Reinforcements of various kinds will move to strengthen AO/strong points that have been weakened
    • Light (Russian Motorized GAZ/URAL)
    • Motorized (Russian Mechanized BTR/BMP)
    • Armor (Late T72, T80, T90)
    • Air Assault (Transport and Loiter. Mi24 Mi8)
    • Close Air Support (SU25)
  • Friendly Vehicle Tracking and Respawn system
    • Motorized: 1 Minute
    • Mechanized: 5 Minutes
    • Anti-Air: 5 Minutes
    • Armor: 5 Minutes
    • Transport Helicopters: 1 Minute
    • Attack Helicopters: 10 Minutes
    • Jets: 15 Minutes
  • Prebuilt standardized Loadouts for all units
  • Arsenal Available

PLANNED FEATURES (Not in order of Priority)
  • Respawn: Rally point system for friendly units to quickly move back to their group
  • Mission: AA Positions all over map, with a focus near the front line
  • Mission: Artillery Positions all over the map, with scripted Artillery support at active strong points/AOs
  • Mission: Patrols along front lines, dismounts and vehicles.
  • Mission: Enemy CAP and Recon air patrols.
  • Mission: Strongpoints with more fortifications, bunkers, sandbags, etc.
  • Mission: Strongpoints entrenched armor fortified as if dug in.
  • Mission: AFRF pushing back and retaking positions along the line, Allies given notice so they can move to defend or not. (Lowest priority right now)
  • Mission: Scaled difficulty dependent on active players (Generalissimo)
  • Intel: Intel System that can lead to side objectives -> AA sites / Vehicle depots / helo depots (FARPS) / command posts / supply depots / artillery batteries / Radar sites / mortar pits (Brandon)
  • Intel: Intel System capture secure intel from enemy HQ positions and return to FOB. (Brandon)
  • Player Vehicles: Access to boats (Generalissimo)

  • Mission: AOs can double spawn sometimes. (0.12 Attempted Fix)
  • Mission: Building units sometimes spawn inside inaccessible buildings.
  • Reinforcements: Invulnerable Pilots.
  • Reinforcements: Still working to make them more reliably drop troops in the AO, and get to the AO faster.
  • Player Vehicles: Aircraft on carrier sink into the carrier and are unusable.

Feel free to post suggestions or bugs below in this thread.

Re: ADEN - Malden - |ACE3|RHS|TFAR|

PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:07 pm
by Bishop
  • Moved Current version of ADEN to Malden, Features remain the same

  • Mobile HQ: Mobile HQ Units added
    • 2x M113 M240 variants added as Mobile HQs
    • Deploy MHQs with action menu when outside the vehicle
    • Deployed MHQs have locked driver and cargo compartments, but commander/gunner seat is still available
    • Telelport from the base to the Deployed MHQ from the 13th Guideon flag (West-most flag) in FOB VIKING
    • Deployed MHQs should be a selectable spawn point if you die
    • MHQs always track on map using HQ marker, Scaling color based on damage (works sometimes)

  • Player Units: Updated Loadouts for PL,Medic,SL,FTL,AR,AAR,SR,AG,MG,AB to reflect current standard loadouts.

  • Mission: Tweaked vehicle garrison behavior slightly, attempting to make them more responsive and aggressive
  • Reinforcements: Continuing to tweak the reliably of the units being placed in vehicles and prioritizing getting dismounts to the AO
  • Reinforcements: Added a reinforcement selection algorithm that performs extra checks and calls in attempt to prevent too many of the same reinforcement waves. Note: it can still spawn the same kind, but each time it does it becomes less likely it will the next time

  • Mission: Tweaked vehicle garrison placement slightly
  • Mission: Tweaked vehicle garrisons to hopefully make them react to contacts

  • Mission: Added some scripting control to entrenched armor at strongpoints:
    • Gunners should now scan, every so often moving their turret and checking for targets.
    • Should the gunner of a vehicle die, the commander will move into the gunners positions.
    • If both the gunner and commander are dead and the vehicle can move, it will attempt to retreat.
    • If both the gunner and commander are dead and the vehicle cannot move, the driver will attempt to move into the gunner position.
    • If the turret or gun on the vehicle become inoperable and the vehicle can move, it will attempt to retreat as long as the driver is alive.

  • Mission: Tweaked Front line moving on AO clear
  • Support: Artillery Rearm increased to ~30 Minutes
  • Player Vehicles: Added HEMTT Centurion as playable AA vehicle (Credit to ViperMcgee)
  • Reinforcements: Added new vehicles to various possible Reinforcement list
  • Reinforcements: Tweaked IFV/APC/Motorized reinforcement behavior in attempt to improve their movement to AO and dismounting.

  • Mission: AOs should no longer clear on their own without fighting for them
  • Mission: The line should move to new AOs better now, still WIP
  • Reinforcements: Air reinforcements seem to be coming in at a more appropriate rate now, removed from known issues

  • Player Vehicles: M1A2 Abrams ammunition loadout adjusted (Mostly SABOT, some HEAT, some MPAT)
  • Mission: AO clearing now has a cushion, no longer requires every unit in AO to be dead. (~5 units)
  • Reinforcements: Air reinforcements are inclined to leave upon critical flying systems being damaged